Respect the School Zone I'll admit to being annoyed by the 20-mile per hour speed limit in school zones... in the past.
First Day of Kindergarten Twas the night before Kindergarten, and all through the house, everyone was so nervous and excited (or nervicited as
Tomato Summer tastes like a ripe, juicy tomato picked fresh from the garden and shared with your best friend. We recently
A visit with When I stepped off the elevator into the Allrecipes offices, it opened up into a stunning kitchen and dining
10th Wedding Anniversary My best friend, Dee, was helping me lace up the bodice of my wedding gown when we heard the sounds
Giveaway: Back-to-School Palooza Welcome to the Back-to-School Giveaway Palooza Sponsored by: Failing Perfect, Dibsies Personalization Station, Zazzle, Fundanoodle, and Educational Insights Hosted &
Beauty is imperfection It's messy, and lively, and it's spontaneous. It's beautiful, and those little imperfections are part of what makes it...
3 Generations Years ago, my parents discovered that we have a photo of my mom at 4-years old, and a picture
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Vera Beautified Me for Get Hitched Give Hope I was getting ready for Get Hitched Give Hope, an amazing, annual charity event that pairs wedding planners and vendors with happy couples planning their nuptials, and the proceeds benefit
YSC, the Tour de Pink, and #GivingTuesday A couple months ago, after a Tour de Pink training ride, my friend and fellow cancer survivor, Karen Lawson, posted a selfie on Facebook, and wrote, “Love these legs
How to Juggle Cancer and Parenting Series: Stephanie’s Story Just because you look ok on the outside- it doesn’t mean you are ok on the inside. Cancer is not like strep. You are not better in 5 days.


While my husband was in grad school studying Persian
Ginger adds a warm, earthy, autumn kick to this
When I stepped off the elevator into the Allrecipes