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First Day of Kindergarten

Twas the night before Kindergarten, and all through the house, everyone was so nervous and excited (or nervicited as Pinky Pie would say) they couldn’t sleep. Hair was washed and braided so it would be easy to brush in the morning. The outfit was selected and laid out. Backpack was packed, again. Extra stories before …

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wordcamp seattle 2014

WordCamp Seattle 2014

WordCamps are non-profit conferences that are organized and run entirely by volunteers. No need to break the bank on wardrobe or ticket prices. This is definitely a come as you are event – be yourself, no one is there to see your shoes – and the amazingly low ticket price of $20 is offset by the many sponsors who make these conferences possible.

ready for kindergarten

Her backpack is packed

She burst out of her room, breathless with questions: Could she bring crayons to kindergarten? Will there be show and tell? Is it ok to put the crayons in her backpack?

kindergarten readiness

Kindergarten Readiness

Prospective kindergartners, along with their parents, shuffled and herded themselves into the little elementary school cafeteria. The room was thick with nervous energy, excitement, squirmy 5-year-olds who have not yet learned to sit still for an assembly, and information packets fanning at the summer heat. This was just an introductory meeting – an open house …

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empty chairs

Waiting for commencement

Waiting for the graduation ceremony to start: Isn’t it interesting how so many of the big things often involve so much waiting?

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