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    Listen to Your Mother

    I’m supposed to be on vacation right now. Actually, I AM on vacation right now, hidden away on a cabin on an island with a few close friends, but I just had to share something. I recently did something brave and scary: I worked up the nerve to audition for Listen To Your Mother. What is Listen to Your Mother? LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER features live readings by local writers on the beauty, the beast, and the barely-rested of motherhood, in celebration of Mother’s Day. Born of the creative work of mothers who publish on-line, each production is directed, produced, and performed by local communities, for local communities. Today, the cast of…

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    Vera Beautified Me for Get Hitched Give Hope

    I was getting ready for Get Hitched Give Hope, an amazing, annual charity event that pairs wedding planners and vendors with happy couples planning their nuptials, and the proceeds benefit two organizations that support people living with cancer: the Young Survival Coalition and the Dream Foundation.  It was my biggest formal event of the season, and the driving Seattle rain had just gone horizontal. I was so glad I arranged with Vera to have stylists come to my home to do my hair and makeup. I could get beautified at home in my pajamas, and not have to brave the weather until I left for the party. My hair likes to frizz and…

  • a visit with Allrecipes.com
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    A visit with Allrecipes.com

    When I stepped off the elevator into the Allrecipes offices, it opened up into a stunning kitchen and dining area. Food is the focal point of everything they do, and the kitchen is where that magic happens. The stunning view from the kitchen looked out over Westlake Park, and across to the Macy’s building. I had no idea that Allrecipes was in Seattle, a start-up born 17 years ago from a few University of Washington students bouncing around ideas for using this new internet thingy in conjunction with database technologies. I think they hit on a winner. 17 years is ancient in terms of social media, and they brought out their…

  • Party with a Purpose
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    Party with a Purpose – benefiting pediatric cancer research

    Cupcakes and wine and a party with a purpose… this looks like fun. The issue of cancer is near to my heart. It was so terribly difficult for me to get through, I can’t imagine what it would be like for a child.  Party with a Purpose takes aim at childhood cancer. This family friendly party is a fundraising event, and the proceeds benefit the pediatric cancer research at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Along with the cupcake and wine pairings for the grownups, there will be doughnut decorating activities for the kids. Party with a Purpose Party With A Purpose is a charitable event for the benefit of Pediatric Cancer Research…

  • Camp Sparkle 2014 Gildas Club Seattle
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    Camp Sparkle

    On the corner of Broadway and Union, on Seattle’s Capitol Hill, sits an old brick building with a red door, and four stately white columns in front. Magic happens in this building. This building is the home of Gilda’s Club Seattle, and Camp Sparkle. When Gilda Radner was diagnosed with cancer, she learned first hand how lonely cancer can be. Gilda’s Club was created so no one else would have to go through the cancer experience alone. Gilda’s Club is not just for the cancer patient, but their family members and close friends as well. A cancer diagnosis impacts the whole family. We all need a place where we can be…

  • bird nest with a guardian angel
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    Bird nest with a guardian angel

    This bird found the perfect place to build her nest – complete with guardian angel. I took this picture a few years ago. The piece I referred to as a guardian angel is one of the terracotta figures that adorn the front of the Suzzallo Library at the University of Washington. It is a stunning work of architecture. The Reading Room inside the library is also worth a look. It’s one of my favorite places to take a quiet moment and goes by the nickname, the Harry Potter Room. WW Linky is on page 2

  • Top Pot Doughnuts
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    A beautiful day in the neighborhood

    The day started out with a plan, and it was all Gem’s idea. We were going to go on a walking tour of all the beautiful flowers in our new neighborhood. And, I would bring my camera, so we could take pictures and use them for a blog post. My little unpaid intern is really starting to pay off. We got off to a good start. But, after a while we came across this:   And inside, they had this: They also had books. The walls were lined with old classics and my little girl was entranced We spent hours in the doughnut shop, and I got to share with…