Banned Books Week

When thinking of banned and contested books, it’s easy to conjure up images of the repression that existed in America during the 1950s. Sure, we’ve all heard of the book burning parties, and we all know that Diary of Anne Frank and Of Mice and Men were banned back in the day.

But the [...]

For My Daughter

Sometimes our memories of events become skewed. They get all tangled up in the emotions we were feeling at the time, and the actual facts, the actual words, get lost in the chaos as our brain set’s the memory and files it away for future reference. Someday in the future you may ask me what [...]

I (heart) Irony

The Boston Tea Party was a protest staged in 1773 against the British Government.  The colonists were protesting taxation without representation.

In 2008 elections in the United States, the voter demographics more closely represented the demographics of the United States citizenship than any election in US history.

Today large groups of people across the country [...]

Bye-bye PI

Photo credit: SLOG

After 146 years, Seattle’s oldest newspaper the Seattle Post-Intelligencer shut down print production today.  It’s a sad day for Seattle. The last edition of the PI hit newstands early this morning, and by noon it was impossible to find a copy around the Seattle area, although you can get one for [...]