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Best Ginger Cookie Ever

Ina Garten’s recipe for Ginger Cookies. Lovely cookies for everyday – exceptional for pregnancy and chemotherapy

March of Dimes

My brain stopped working when the words Neonatal Intensive Care Unit came out of the doctors mouth. I sat on the exam table in my paper gown, strapped to monitors spitting out ticker-tapes, and tried to unhear those words. This is not an eventuality for which I had prepared myself. All those nights I stayed …

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Genevieve - CoffeeJitters.Net

Baby Update: She’s Here!!

Baby Genevieve made her appearance at 6:16 am.  She was still two weeks early, but she officially made it to full term the night before she was born, and she’s a good healthy size – 20 inches, 7 lbs 9 oz. She’s perfect and we couldn’t be happier


I see the smile in your eyes
when you see my belly
strangers fall over themselves to get the door
my husband holds my hand as we cross the street
then doesn’t let go

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The Best Thing

the best thing about being home from the hospital: snuggling with my husband

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