Little Library

The fact that this exists at all fills my heart with joy.

That we found this on the sidewalk in our new neighborhood… well that’s just too cool.

Check out the little free library.


what’s awesome in your world?

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A beautiful day in the neighborhood

Top Pot Doughnuts

The day started out with a plan, and it was all Gem’s idea. We were going to go on a walking tour of all the beautiful flowers in our new neighborhood. And, I would bring my camera, so we could take pictures and use them for a blog post.

My little unpaid intern is really [...]

Who in this room

I went straight to the bookstore after I got the “I’m sorry it’s cancer” phone call; surely amongst all the wisdom coded into letters and words, pressed to paper, and bound to books, would be some little snippet that would tell me how to move forward.

Since that day I’ve read a lot of books [...]

Why Mommy can’t read

My father built floor to ceiling cupboards along the walls when he closed in the garage of my childhood home.  The top shelf of these storage units was four feet from the ceiling, just enough space for a fourth grader to comfortably nest.  I would climb to that top shelf with a blanket, a [...]