My loves and the sea

My loves and the sea

I love the sea. I love its fury. I love its calming presence.

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I love the ebb and flow.

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So much life and movement and energy.

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It is, at once, destructive and regenerative.

water -

I could sit and watch the sea for hours. And sometimes we do.

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My loves, both, also enchanted by the sea.

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But today, she also wanted to fly.

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Summer Solstice Sunset

Summer Solstice Sunset

We slipped into summer quietly: a lovely day, followed by a lovely sunset.

solstice sunset
solstice sunset
solstice sunset
solstice sunset
solstice sunset

Since the solstice, our weather has been all over the place. Right now we are enjoying a thunder and lightning storm, this following a hot, blue-skied afternoon.

And tonight, this lovely summer solstice sunset.

How did your summer get started?

Adventuring: Island Style

Adventuring: Island Style

This weekend’s adventure took us to Vashon Island, meaning, with all the emphasis my bouncing 2-year-old can provide, TWO FERRY RIDES. TWO! (That’s round trip to the island for those of you keeping score. I’ve already been questioned on the count.)


Yes, that’s me. I do appear in photo’s on rare occasions (when someone grabs my camera before I can hide behind it). And look – my hair is growing back! I need a stylist, STAT!

Vashon is full of art galleries, restaurants, farms, cafes, and some of the coolest little shops we’ve ever come across.


How cool is that fridge?




And what’s an island without a lighthouse?


And a stunning water view


from a cottage on the beach


On days like this, I feel like I could be an island girl.


We got a couple days of rain last week, so I went out to see if I could get some good shots of the water collecting on the grasses.






This last shot with the spider reminded me that Halloween is quickly approaching. Have you figured out what you are going to do for a costume yet?

Last year, with my bald head, grey skin, and chemo port sticking out of my chest, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to dress up as Borg. I had the costume pretty much ready to go, but I was so sick on Halloween, it just didn’t happen. They say you regret the things you didn’t do the most, I think not dressing up as a Borg will be one of those life long regrets.

Did someone just call me a nerd?

My post chemo hair is growing back with a lot more curl than I’m accustomed to. I was so looking forward to a cute short hairstyle like Winona Ryder or Natalie Portman or Emma Watson. But, no, no, no, I get Seth Rogan hair. That hair, combined with with additional weight from the steroids makes me think maybe I should just toss on a pair of sweats and and fake beard and go as Seth Rogan. No? My husband doesn’t think so either. I’ll think of something else.