My loves and the sea

I love the sea. I love its fury. I love its calming presence.

I love the ebb and flow.

So much life and movement and energy.

It is, at once, destructive and regenerative.

I could sit and watch the sea for hours. And sometimes we do.

My [...]

Summer Solstice Sunset

We slipped into summer quietly, a lovely day, followed by a lovely sunset.

Since the solstice, our weather has been all over the place. Right now we are enjoying a thunder and lightning storm, this following a hot, blue-skied afternoon.


How did your summer get started?

WW linky is [...]

Sea lions sunning in Seattle

sea lions sunbathing in Seattle’s Elliott Bay, view of the Space Needle in the background [...]

Adventuring: Island Style

This weekend’s adventure took us to Vashon Island, meaning, with all the emphasis my bouncing 2-year-old can provide, TWO FERRY RIDES. TWO! (That’s round trip to the island for those of you keeping score. I’ve already been questioned on the count.)

Yes, that’s me. I do appear in photo’s on rare occasions (when someone [...]