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Tour de Pink

Cancer didn’t make me stronger; it sapped my strength like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. You know what made me stronger? Having to make tough decisions and stand by them. Calling bullshit on bullshit. Moving forward despite the fear. Getting up every single day to be a mommy to my little girl, no matter how …

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Monday Morning

Monday morning, from 10 to 11

The magic happens every day, even on a Monday morning, but I don’t always take the time to stop and notice. In just an hour of paying attention: The air is the perfect temperature – not so warm or cold as to demand attention. Watching an artist become The little one exploring – getting familiar …

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The Big Easy

We spent the evening walking down Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans, The Big Easy. It’s Friday night, and I’m told much tamer than the partying a few nights earlier on Fat Tuesday. My friends and I stand at the corner waiting for the light to change so we can cross the …

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Traveling Companions

The second anniversary of my cancer diagnosis is quickly approaching. Of course it has me thinking. A lot. Not all the thoughts are happy thoughts, but that just comes with the territory. But some of those thoughts are happy thoughts. Warm, fuzzy, happy thoughts. Like the girls I met because I have cancer. These are …

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get hitched give hope

Get Hitched Give Hope

What happens when you take a few good friends Add some bedazzled furnishings A little finery, and a little wine And a few cameras? Well, for starters, you end up with some fun pictures… .                      But more importantly, this event raised money for some pretty …

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