Parenting Rite of Passage

I spent my daughter’s nap time pondering what I was going to do about my weekly photo post, when her chattering and giggles caught my attention. There’s nothing I love so much as the sound of her giggle’s. In fact, I grabbed my gratitude journal to make a note of how well she entertains herself [...]

Apparently, my 3-year-old thinks she needs a credit card

I let my little girl play with the junk mail because she loves the pictures, and the bold, eye-catching fonts are great for learning letter recognition.

But I didn’t expect her to fill out a credit card application.

Some day soon, I’m afraid our junk mail games will have to include a conversation about usurious interest [...]

The Stuffed Bra and the Wandering Socks

One of the frustrations I’ve had to deal with because of this breast cancer is my lopsidedness. Getting dressed in the morning takes quite a bit more thought and planning than ever before. I wasn’t small breasted to start with, but thanks to my mastectomy I have a bouncy D-Cup that swings a little lower [...]

She’s got a hold on you

I knew it wouldn’t take long for her to wrap Daddy around her little fingers.  I didn’t think it would be so literal.  Baby Girl likes to grab the hair that grows at the base of Daddy’s throat.

Of course when Daddy calls for Mommy to rescue him from Baby’s clutches, Mommy laughs and stops to take [...]