Lee Museum of warped arts and hysterical do-dad

Lee Museum of Warped Art and Hysterical Do-Dads: family wedding photos and do-dads

I am in possession of most of the old photographs and do-dads from our family history, and on occasion, I rummage through those items and take a stab at getting some of them scanned so we have a digital record that can be shared around the country. Most of the pictures I rummage through are multiple …

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child writes on face with sharpie

Parenting Rite of Passage: How to scrub permanent marker from a baby face

I spent my daughter’s nap time pondering what I was going to do about my weekly photo post, when her chattering and giggles caught my attention. There’s nothing I love so much as the sound of her giggles.

party like a rock star

Party like a rock star

I don’t enforce a silent nap time. In fact, around here, nap time is ‘learn how to make your own fun, and maybe rest a little bit, while Mommy tries to get her work done‘ time. So when the happy-fun “Woohoo!” sounds wafted from her bedroom, I just smirked and went back to work. She’s …

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gem wants a credit card

Apparently, my 3-year-old thinks she needs a credit card

I let my little girl play with the junk mail because she loves the pictures, and the bold, eye-catching fonts are great for learning letter recognition.

But I didn’t expect her to fill out a credit card application.

Alien Brain Probe

They say people learn a lot about themselves when they have to cope with a life threatening disease like cancer. Some discover vast reserves of strength, courage, and resilience. I discovered my brain was probed by aliens. 😉 When chemo took my hair, my newly denuded scalp revealed more than just skin. It showed off …

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