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    A Note to Mom | Listen to Your Mother

    The day before Mother’s Day, thirteen Seattle area writers came together to share their thoughts and observations on motherhood at Seattle’s inaugural production of the Listen to Your Mother show. I was one of those writers. Today, videos of each segment of the show were released. I appeared first, so my clip is up first, but you can keep watching to see the whole show. What an amazing experience. I’m so honored to be included with this amazing group of writers.

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    How to deal with disappointment

    I know that one of my jobs as a parent is to teach her how to deal with disappointment – but not like this; this isn’t what I had in mind. We should be working on learning how to gracefully accept that she gets what she gets for dinner, and not necessarily a doughnut. We should be working on accepting the fact that she’s not getting a pony for her birthday. We should be working on understanding that all fun activities end eventually, and when the playdate is over, we need to gracefully go home. Instead, we had to cancel our vacation last minute because I came down with influenza. She…

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    Here’s to the moms

    To the mom who brings her child her own cup cake to a kid’s birthday party, I know you get looks from the other parents, but I understand. Food sensitivities are nothing to mess with. I know you stayed up late working on that cupcake. You made it extra pretty. You brought it, not because you were trying to make your child feel excluded, but just the opposite, you wanted her to be a part of this party, and you wanted her to have a treat, just like all the other kids. but you had to make it safe for her. It’s not easy to see your kid on the…

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    When Gratitude is Difficult

    There have been times, oh so many times, when the thought of compiling a list of things for which to be grateful was a little more than I could bear. Sometimes, life is difficult. Sometimes, getting through one hour after another, means holding your breath till you remember that you are supposed to inhale and exhale. Then, those repeated steps become your occupation until you think of something else to get you through the next block of time.  I’ll just hold on till the end of this show, or till Mom gets here, or till Aaron gets home, or till the baby wakes up. Then you make another deal to get…

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    How to Juggle Cancer and Parenting

      When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, one of the first things I did was head straight to the book store. I was looking for a book that would tell me how to juggle cancer and parenting my infant daughter. I didn’t find anything that provided helpful information or practical steps I could take to help ensure that my daughter still gets a vibrant childhood even when I have trouble getting out of bed. As a writer, one recurring piece advice I keep hearing is write the book you want to read. While not a book, this blog series on cancer and parenting is a step in that direction.…

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    How to help kids cope with a parent’s cancer: interview with an oncology social worker

    The first thing I thought when I was diagnosed with breast cancer was what’s going to happen to my baby? I’m not alone in that thought, I’ve discussed the topic at length with my friends who are also juggling child rearing with cancer treatment. And it does impact the kids, but there are ways to help our kids cope with a parent’s cancer. Michelle Massey runs the Camp Sparkle and Small Talk programs at Gilda’s Club in Seattle. She is a Licensed Clinical Social worker and a Board Certified Oncology Social Worker.  She got her start at Children’s Hospital working with kids with cancer, where she started to notice that the…

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    Camp Sparkle

    On the corner of Broadway and Union, on Seattle’s Capitol Hill, sits an old brick building with a red door, and four stately white columns in front. Magic happens in this building. This building is the home of Gilda’s Club Seattle, and Camp Sparkle. When Gilda Radner was diagnosed with cancer, she learned first hand how lonely cancer can be. Gilda’s Club was created so no one else would have to go through the cancer experience alone. Gilda’s Club is not just for the cancer patient, but their family members and close friends as well. A cancer diagnosis impacts the whole family. We all need a place where we can be…

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    The Big C and Me: my cancer story

    My cancer story: this is a collection of my blog posts and articles about my cancer experience over the years. I decided to pull them all together into one place to make them easy to find. This turned out to be a much bigger projected than I expected. I’ve cataloged more than thirty here so far, and there are many more to add. This is a work in progress. I will continue adding the posts already completed as well as the new posts to come, so check back from time to time. Tags are coming soon to allow for searching by topic. It has been an eye opening exercise to…