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Posh digs for a beaver

This is where the wealthy, well-to-do beavers live. On our drive through Canada, we’ve encountered countless beaver dams and lodges, but this area covered acres of stepped dams with lodges back farther away from the road. These little lakes created by the beavers were surrounded by babbling brooks, mosses, and wildflowers. As it was, I …

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when the search for dinner turns into a road trip

We are in the midst of a road trip from Seattle to Alaska: my mother, my 2-year-old daughter, and I. Naturally, the first move in a trip to the westernmost state, would be to go east for three days. Right?  We’re taking the scenic route: the first night in Leavenworth, and then Coeur d’Alene, before …

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Tea with Mom

tea, originally uploaded by coffeejitters. Mom, Aaron and I went on a little road trip today. We took the ferry from Edmonds across to Kingston. We stopped for tea in a cute little town called Port Gambel, and then drove on up to Port Townsend. Once you get through the seemingly endless winding roads through …

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NorthWest Trek

On a lark yesterday, Mr. H and I decided to hit the road and check out Northwest Trek. It was kind of a long trip for a lark, because it’s a wildlife park near the foot of Mt. Rainier, but then we’ve missed the house on our way home and ended up going to dinner …

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