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My loves and the sea

I love the sea. I love its fury. I love its calming presence. I love the ebb and flow. So much life and movement and energy. It is, at once, destructive and regenerative.

bagpipes and the sea

Bagpipes and the Sea

Beautiful day by the ocean in Moclips, Washington. The sun was shining, but it wasn’t too hot. Aaron got out his bagpipes and played to the sea. It’s not so loud when the pipes are competing with the surf… There was quite a bit of wind stirring the dust and sand, and making for some …

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Canon Beach

Canon Beach

Patience: how to photograph an ocean wave

075 Sometimes getting the perfect shot can be a little frustrating and take quite a bit of [read more]

Pressure, Repetition, and Time

034 I love the way the waves have carved ripples into these boulders over [read more]

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