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A beautiful day in the neighborhood

The day started out with a plan, and it was all Gem’s idea. We were going to go on a walking tour of all the beautiful flowers in our new neighborhood. And, I would bring my camera, so we could take pictures and use them for a blog post. My little unpaid intern is really …

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Packing up

We are moving. We found a place we love in a neighborhood we love and two blocks from a school that seems like it will be perfect for Gem. We signed the lease a few days ago, and we move in a few weeks. Now comes the hard part. The new home we have chosen …

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We were weary as we pulled into the parking lot of our building after a long day of apartment hunting. It’s tiring work, and a bit nerve-wracking, looking for a new place to call home, one that meets our needs, is close to a good school, and most importantly, one that we can afford. We …

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The Guarded Beauty of New Orleans

The Guarded Beauty of New Orleans

One of the most precious and valuable benefits of travel is that it takes you out of your comfort zone, and if you’re open to the experience, it provides perspective. Travel teaches us about other cultures, but it also gives us the opportunity to learn about ourselves. It is hard to forget the devastation of …

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napping baby and mom with froggy pants

Bloggers at Work

a humorous look at a day in the life of a blogger who writes about being a mom.

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