wordcamp seattle 2014

WordCamp Seattle 2014

WordCamps are non-profit conferences that are organized and run entirely by volunteers. No need to break the bank on wardrobe or ticket prices. This is definitely a come as you are event – be yourself, no one is there to see your shoes – and the amazingly low ticket price of $20 is offset by the many sponsors who make these conferences possible.

empty chairs

Waiting for commencement

Waiting for the graduation ceremony to start: Isn’t it interesting how so many of the big things often involve so much waiting?

What I’m Reading

Here is what I’ve been reading this week. Made Me Laugh The World According to Americans This map of the world is too funny (and a little too true). Plants vs. Zombies OK, I’ll admit I started reading Jorge Garcia’s blog because I’m a fan of LOST, and I just want to hug Hurley. But …

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What is an RSS Feed, and Why Should I Care?

A really simple breakdown: RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.  To further simplify that, RSS takes blog posts and news updates (called feeds) and broadcasts them across the internet. RSS readers (websites or programs also called feed readers or aggregators) can then collect the feeds to which the reader has subscribed and present them in …

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The Party/Not to Party Debate

Most days, the fact that Mr. H and I go to different schools with different schedules is not an issue. This week has been a different story. As I mentioned earlier, Mr. H graduated from UW on Saturday which has had him in party mode since he turned in his final paper on Friday. I, …

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