Cancer and Parenting

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, while my daughter was still a breastfeeding infant.  I found myself learning firsthand about both cancer and parenting. Learning the hard way – not that there is an easy way.

In the days and months and years since that diagnosis, I took copious notes on what I was learning. I spent a lot of time speaking with other people with cancer, especially seeking out those who were raising young children while going through treatment.

Shortly after my diagnosis, I found the Young Survival Coalition, which addresses the unique needs of young women with breast cancer. They were instrumental in helping me hold on to my sanity while I let go of my breasts, and my hair, and endured the many indignities of cancer treatment.

I quickly joined the ranks of volunteers within that organization, and I learned that giving back, that helping others through this process was going to be integral to my emotional healing from this life changing experience. I’m still giving back, and I’m still healing.

Over the years I wrote many articles about my experience with cancer; they are parsed out in sections: Living with Cancer and Parenting with Cancer.