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    The Big C and Me: my cancer story

    My cancer story: this is a collection of my blog posts and articles about my cancer experience over the years. I decided to pull them all together into one place to make them easy to find. This turned out to be a much bigger projected than I expected. I’ve cataloged more than thirty here so far, and there are many more to add. This is a work in progress. I will continue adding the posts already completed as well as the new posts to come, so check back from time to time. Tags are coming soon to allow for searching by topic. It has been an eye opening exercise to…

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    How you can help young women living with breast cancer

    I learned the hard way that the financial implications of cancer extend well beyond just the cost of medical care. It’s a far too frequent story where jobs are lost, or the hours worked drop below the minimum to maintain health insurance – or pay the rent. The cost of babysitters alone could bankrupt a family, and then there’s all those extra meals eaten out, and meal delivery services on speed dial, because mama just didn’t have the strength to prepare dinner. Again. And don’t even ask about the condition of the house. At a time when cleanliness is more important than ever, the strength to tackle that job is…

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    On the radio

    .This is the story of how I became an on air radio personality. Ok, it’s not. I’m not. It’s not even about me. This is a story about Debbie Cantwell, and the non-profit organization she started on her kitchen table, all by herself, to help young women with breast cancer, like me. This is the story of the Pink Daisy Project, and a generous donation from Bonneville Seattle and the Seattle Seahawks. The Pink Daisy Project provides care and comfort to young women with breast cancer, by means of grocery cards, gas cards, drug store cards, and housecleaning services. My little girl and I were invited to accompany Debbie, her…

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    It isn’t easy being pink

    It’s that time of year when the world is washed in pink, and people prance around in their favorite tongue-in-cheek, boob-aware apparel. But how much awareness does all this bring to the realities of breast cancer, and how much does this just turn our attention to boobs? Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against boobs. I am pro-boob. I was quite attached to mine, till one tried to kill me. Boobs are awesome, an entertaining conversation topic, they bounce, they feed babies, they’re happy, fun playthings. Breast cancer is the Debbie Downer in the room. There’s nothing quite like a breast cancer survivor telling the reality of her story…

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    Reasons I Love Seattle: #5 We’re never far from mother nature

    All the benefits of a robust metropolis and yet, nestled between the mountains and the Salish Sea, it takes no effort at all to let nature envelope you in Seattle. And now, from around the interwebs… Me: As Seen On… TV: yes! really! I was on CNN! So here’s the deal: I got an opportunity to say thank you, and help tell the story of a woman who was there for me while I was going through the worst of my cancer treatment. Debbie Cantwell created The Pink Daisy Project to pay it forward after her own bout with cancer. She helped me at a time when the expense and…

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    Thank You

    If you haven’t already heard, we have some pretty awesome news: I just completed my treatment for breast cancer! I am so ready to get on with my life, but first I want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who helped get me through the past 16 months since my diagnosis. 1. Gem Look at that face. She is such a powerful motivator. And sweet, too. No matter how rough things got, she was enough to get me out of bed – Even if that meant just going to the living room, and cuddling up with her on the floor. It’s amazing how much she has…

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    Pinkwashing and Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    As we wind down the end of October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I’ve heard a number of complaints that go so far as to say we should just forget Breast Cancer Awareness Month altogether because of all the pinkwashing. What is pinkwashing? When corporate jerks slap a pink ribbon on a product or service to increase the likelihood it will sell during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but little money, or even none, is actually forwarded on to the non-profits working to cure breast cancer or support those battling this disease. Pinkwashing is infuriating. It turns my stomach that these corporate creeps are using my crisis to make a quick…