Blogging – and women’s history

Blogging allows us to make our mark on the world. To show that we exist. To have a voice and have it heard. To contribute to the ongoing story of the human race.

A look back at 2011

At the beginning of 2011, I was bald,  scarred, nursing a nasty radiation burn, and not ready to spend any energy on an end of year analysis of my introduction to life with cancer. My life has changed a bit since then. For starters, I have hair.   There was some awesome My little girl …

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Running Away

I’m running away for the weekend; leaving Seattle in my wake. Let’s just pretend that I don’t have 30 pounds of text books packed in my suitcase. I’m headed off for a weekend of girl talk, yoga, beach combing and chick flicks with my ‘cancer girls,’ as my husband calls them. He always uses the …

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Time is Relative

A short paper and three finals on Monday and I’m done with school for the quarter. It’s funny how time shrinks and expands according to what you’ve got on your plate.  I’ve got another 17 chapters to read in texts before those tests.  Time has been flying by this week. This pregnancy feels like it’s …

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The Party/Not to Party Debate

Most days, the fact that Mr. H and I go to different schools with different schedules is not an issue. This week has been a different story. As I mentioned earlier, Mr. H graduated from UW on Saturday which has had him in party mode since he turned in his final paper on Friday. I, …

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