My favorite photos of 2011

I’m still learning to use my new camera, but I sure got a lot of practice with all our adventure this year. Here are some of my favorite photos.


We learned that bears like to eat dandelions


My daughter discovered the most fascinating animal at the zoo


I spent a little time [...]

Turnagain Pass

Turnagain Pass is the highest point on the road between Anchorage and Soldotna, Alaska

As of yet unscathed by corporate interests

I love getting pictures of my little girl out in the wilderness

she looks so fragile, buffeted by the wind

of course, there’s the obligatory ”Little House on the Prairie” shot



We saw so much beauty and variety on our trip from Seattle to Alaska, but the predominant color was most definitely green.

Yes, I know I should label all the pictures with the specific locations where they were taken. Maybe next time I take a trip, I’ll take better notes to accompany the photos. [...]

First flight

Here we are somewhere between Alaska and Seattle, most likely over Canada. She spent most of the flight in this posture, watching Curious George on my computer.

She did peek out the window a few times to make sure we were still up in the air, and then she would announce to me that [...]