We were weary as we pulled into the parking lot of our building after a long day of apartment hunting. It’s tiring work, and a bit nerve-wracking, looking for a new place to call home, one that meets our needs, is close to a good school, and most importantly, one that we can afford. We …

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Baby’s First Live Band

I love the Beatles. I can’t think of a better way to introduce my daughter to live music than a Beatles cover band.  The music is bright and upbeat with out all those saccharine qualities that drive me nuts about so many childrens’ programs. And did I mention that I love the Beatles. How lucky …

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The Party/Not to Party Debate

Most days, the fact that Mr. H and I go to different schools with different schedules is not an issue. This week has been a different story. As I mentioned earlier, Mr. H graduated from UW on Saturday which has had him in party mode since he turned in his final paper on Friday. I, …

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His Tar

For weeks my husband sat waiting for the mail. He would check the mail several times a day, pout, and double check again to make sure there wasn’t a little yellow package slip tucked in the corner of the mail box. Today the little yellow package slip arrived and Mr. H ran up to the …

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