Baby’s First Live Band

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I love the Beatles. I can’t think of a better way to introduce my daughter to live music than a Beatles cover band.  The music is bright and upbeat with out all those saccharine qualities that drive me nuts about so many childrens’ programs. And did I mention that I love the Beatles.


How lucky was I that the first band to headline in the summer concert series at the mall across the street was just such a band? Incidentally, I used to see this band on occasion at the Phoenix Underground, and Doc Maynards, and other Pioneer Square hot spots nearly 20 years ago.

The mall created something of a carnival atmosphere, with food stands and a beer garden and balloons. Oh what fun.

Gem and Daddy had fun too.  Although I think they were much more into the balloon we tied to her stroller.


But she did get into the music too


We’ve been trying to get her out of the house for all different kinds of experiences – but a live band across the street couldn’t get much more convenient. The concert series continues with a different band every Wednesday night through the rest of the summer. I think we’ll be back for more.

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