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Still standing

battered bruised scarred tenacious beautiful Inspired by a butterfly. February was a difficult month. We moved, which is always stressful, and then there was all the homework for school, and all that was compounded by my illness and two hospitalizations during the month. My mom ended up coming out for a couple weeks, and that …

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Packing up

We are moving. We found a place we love in a neighborhood we love and two blocks from a school that seems like it will be perfect for Gem. We signed the lease a few days ago, and we move in a few weeks. Now comes the hard part. The new home we have chosen …

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A look back at 2011

At the beginning of 2011, I was bald, ¬†scarred, nursing a nasty radiation burn, and not ready to spend any energy on an end of year analysis of my introduction to life with cancer. My life has changed a bit since then. For starters, I have hair.   There was some awesome My little girl …

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Moving Day

cardboard, tape, knife sharpie; colorful life packed in brown boxes Not that I didn’t have enough going on what with the pregnancy and sinus issues and papers due at school, but I just thought I’d let you know that we’re moving this weekend. Yay! Really, it is a good move, I just don’t want to …

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Timmy is moving to Seattle too!

After the fiasco of transporting Mom’s stuff to Seattle from Alaska via the ill-maintained U-Haul (see this post for the back story – we’re still fighting U-Haul on getting a refund), my brother Tim decided to hang around for a couple days and see if there are any good job opportunities for him around the …

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