We are moving. We found a place we love in a neighborhood we love and two blocks from a school that seems like it will be perfect for Gem. We signed the lease a few days ago, and we move in a few weeks.

Now comes the hard part.

The new home we have chosen is small. Tiny. Less than 3/4 the size of our already small apartment. That means that rather than just packing up, every single item we own will have to be considered, judged, and a large portion of them will not be accompanying us in this move. Will the Christmas tree travel with us to our new home? If so, where will it live the other 11 months of the year? We have a total of 2.5 small closets with which to work.

This will be a learning curve.

I’ve been enjoying a number of posts on the tiny house movement; perhaps we could talk the landlord into allowing us to make some modifications to make better use of the space.

In the meantime, Gem is getting excited about the move.

Her jaguar is all packed up and ready to go.



She’s been helping with our packing, as well. If something is missing, there’s a good chance she already packed it for us.


we can see here where her priorities are.



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