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My boobs were recalled while I was breastfeeding. And you can bet I lost a lot of sleep over how many cancer cells my baby ingested from breastfeeding before I knew I had cancer.

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Letting go of the illusion of control

I like to think of myself as having superpowers. My favorite superpower is the ability to make things go away by not believing they are true. I’ve had a lot of practice using this superpower; I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer while I was still breastfeeding my baby.

I have a lot of practice using this superpower, but not much success.

One of the first things that hits you over the head with a cancer diagnosis, after confronting your mortality, is the understanding that you are not in control. Control is an illusion. That is a very difficult concept around which to wrap your brain.

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It’s Not the Same

Yesterday I spent the day manning the door at a wine-tasting representing 16 different local wineries. Every year, this  event chooses a different charity to which the proceeds are donated. This year, the beneficiary was the Seattle affiliate of the Young Survival Coalition, which supports pre-menopausal women with breast cancer. Most people, as they came through the …

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My Chemo Buddy

My favorite chemo buddy, Gem, accompanied me to my Herceptin infusion on Friday. We also brought along a horse (of course), and some coloring materials. I made several attempts at taking a picture of us together where I didn’t look stoned or have my eyes closed no luck. but this picture just cracks me up …

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How a scary looking kid helped me get my head screwed on straight

The first night I met him, he glared at me then leaned back a ways before slamming his head down on to the table. That thud of skull connecting with wood was so hard it made the walls shake and the windows rattle. I choked a bit on my heart, and my stomach churned with that nauseous fear that comes when everything is wrong. Very, very wrong. What were we doing with this kid in our home?

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