Lee Museum of Warped Art and Hysterical Do-Dads: family wedding photos and do-dads

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I am in possession of most of the old photographs and do-dads from our family history, and on occasion, I rummage through those items and take a stab at getting some of them scanned so we have a digital record that can be shared around the country. Most of the pictures I rummage through are multiple copies of old school photos, but every once in a while, I find something interesting.

Lee Museum of warped arts and hysterical do-dad

The pen doesn’t work, it’s 44 years old. Apparently, this is the pen that the best man presented to my dad, the groom, “for use in signing his life away.”  This cracks me up. I wonder if he had any idea that decades later we would still be in possession of this pen and the card to which it was taped.

The card says:

Compliments of the Lee Museum of Warped Art and Hysterical Do-Dads.

Left on ancient dining able, believed o be the “Official Pen” use in ancient wedding ceremony. Given traditionally (for the first time) to the Groom fo use in signing way his life by the Honorable Best Man. Hmph!

And here’s the best man, Pete Lee, with my Dad. Dad is on the right.

Pete Lee and Michael H. Schwartz

This is one of my favorite photos from my parents wedding – Dad looking at his ring. I wonder what he was thinking.

Karen Lu Schwartz and Michael H. Schwartz

Aren’t they cute?Karen Lu Schwartz and Michael H. Schwartz

Judy Schwartz Haley


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