wordcamp seattle 2014

WordCamp Seattle 2014

WordCamps are non-profit conferences that are organized and run entirely by volunteers. No need to break the bank on wardrobe or ticket prices. This is definitely a come as you are event – be yourself, no one is there to see your shoes – and the amazingly low ticket price of $20 is offset by the many sponsors who make these conferences possible.

Molen Orthodontics Mommy Blogger Workshop

When you go to the orthodontist and a blogging conference breaks out

He recognizes the power of social media and mom bloggers, and also made the connection that most of his patients have moms or are moms. So if he provided a space for mom bloggers to come together and talk about blogging, maybe they would blog about their experience in his office… Hey, look what just happened here.

Bloggy Boot Camp - blog conference

A Shy Girl Walks into a Blog Conference… #BBCSEA

Yes, I’m the shy girl. You, in the back, that just snorted – I heard that. People who have known me for a long time may not realize how shy I can be. But the truth is, especially in cocktail hour, conference-type settings, I’m awkward silence girl. ¬†These events stir up all kinds of anxieties …

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Each year I promise myself I’ll find a way, one way or another, to go next year. The truth is that I make a lot of promises to myself. Making use of that gym membership, walking every day, eating more vegetables, getting out of debt (snort), scrubbing the toilet more frequently… And I let myself off the hook for those promises quite easily.

there is no great writing only great rewriting

There is no great writing, only great rewriting

I usually beat myself up during the writing process. If every word isn’t perfect as it appears from my fingertips, I get frustrated and want to give up. I don’t know how many times I heard the above quote at the Write on the Sound writers’ conference last weekend, but it was definitely something I …

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