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    My favorite photos of 2011

    I’m still learning to use my new camera, but I sure got a lot of practice with all our adventure this year. Here are some of my favorite photos.   We learned that bears like to eat dandelions   My daughter discovered the most fascinating animal at the zoo   I spent a little time in our back yard capturing ducks and lily pads   my daughter showed off her fashion sense   I trespassed in a beaver family’s back yard   I listed my 10 favorite places to be    I got up close with some Poppies – I had no idea they were so hairy   I tried out the macro lens chasing down raindrops   My daughter…

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    A look back at 2011

    At the beginning of 2011, I was bald,  scarred, nursing a nasty radiation burn, and not ready to spend any energy on an end of year analysis of my introduction to life with cancer. My life has changed a bit since then. For starters, I have hair.   There was some awesome My little girl grew up so much: Then Now While Aaron was finishing his master’s degree, Gem and I went on a 3000+ mile road trip with Grandma, through Canada to Alaska. I completed cancer treatment with the help of some amazing people. We took a couple trips to the coast I was on CNN telling the world about…

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    Turnagain Pass

    Turnagain Pass is the highest point on the road between Anchorage and Soldotna, Alaska As of yet unscathed by corporate interests I love getting pictures of my little girl out in the wilderness she looks so fragile, buffeted by the wind of course, there’s the obligatory “Little House on the Prairie” shot complete with falling down scene but seriously, isn’t this gorgeous?   Follow me on FaceBook  

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    Grandma’s House

    This is the house in which I grew up. It was my grandparents house, but it was my Grandmother who made it a home. In 1948, my Grandmother packed up her children, and left her beautiful home in Michigan, to join her husband in Alaska where he had moved his dental practice.   She moved from this: To a 32′ by 32′ log cabin Her youngest child was 7 months old. This wasn’t just a house in Alaska. This was a house in an area that was, at the time, the middle of nowhere, Alaska. My grandfather commuted to work in Anchorage by airplane. Of course, they needed to embiggen…

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    Bagpipes and the Sea

    Beautiful day by the ocean in Moclips, Washington. The sun was shining, but it wasn’t too hot. Aaron got out his bagpipes and played to the sea. It’s not so loud when the pipes are competing with the surf… There was quite a bit of wind stirring the dust and sand, and making for some interesting visual effects.   And of course we had the cutest little photobomber…

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    We saw so much beauty and variety on our trip from Seattle to Alaska, but the predominant color was most definitely green. Yes, I know I should label all the pictures with the specific locations where they were taken. Maybe next time I take a trip, I’ll take better notes to accompany the photos.  Or, even better, I’ll have a camera that records GPS coordinates in the photo’s metadata. I’m all for technology that allows me to be even more lazy. …

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    First flight

    Here we are somewhere between Alaska and Seattle, most likely over Canada. This was baby girl’s first flight, and she spent most of the flight in this posture, watching Curious George on my computer. She did peek out the window a few times to make sure we were still up in the air, and then she would announce to me that we were “flying in an airplane.” Wish I could sit that comfortably in an airplane seat. There are benefits to being that short.

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    Dear Gem – Month 27

    Last month you spent more than 3000 miles in the back seat of grandma’s overpacked car.  It took us 10 days to drive from Seattle, Washington, to Soldotna, Alaska. But then we took the long way through the Canadian Rockies, and did a little sight seeing as well. View Larger Map I was a little worried about how you would handle all that change, and all that time in the car, but you were a little champ. It turns out that you are a great traveler. You tolerated the tight quarters You slept in a different hotel every night You picked too many dandelions to count You explored a “castle“…

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    The most fascinating animal at the zoo

    Camels, tigers, polar bears… what animal at the zoo would most capture a toddler’s attention? Could it be a squirrel? Dee took us to the Alaska Zoo during our recent visit, and Gem was captivated by this little red squirrel. He didn’t move a lot at first But I promise he was real see… They played peek-a-boo and hide and seek for a while Then one last peek as we said good bye.

  • midnight sun
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    The days are already getting shorter

    I took this photo at my friend Dee’s house in Chugiak, Alaska, on Friday night. It was midnight. You’d think after all those years growing up in the land of the midnight sun, I’d be used to this. But no, I had to stop and take a picture. I can’t believe the days are already getting shorter. In the few short days since I returned home from Alaska, the summer solstice passed and the days are already getting shorter again. A few minutes at a time.