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    The White House at Night

    I just returned from a quick, four-day trip to Washington D.C. for ProjectLEAD with the National Breast Cancer Coalition. Coincidentally, my daughter’s kindergarten class has been learning about Washington D.C. in their social studies segments. She wanted me to be sure I got my picture taken with the President. I got this close. The White House is beautiful at night. Our schedule for this trip was very tight: 7:30 am to 7:30 pm, so I did not actually see daylight, with the exception of one quick run to Starbucks, and then the cab ride back to the airport on the last day. But I wasn’t there for sight-seeing or picture…

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    We tiptoed through the tulips

    One of the most enduring and notable rites of spring around the Seattle area is the annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. The entire month of April is dedicated to all things tulip, and the valley is colorblocked in fields of red, yellow, pink and purple blooms. As usual, we were a little late to the party this year, partly because of poor planning, and partly because I abhor crowds. We showed up  the first week of May. Most of the tulip fields were already plowed under to prepare for the next crop, but we still found plenty of beauty to go around. What are your favorite signs of spring. Do…

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    St. Paul Outside-the-Walls

    He had just completed two flights from Seattle to Newark, then JFK to Rome, and he had just a few hours in Rome before hopping another flight to Istanbul. Somewhere in his rush to see as much of Rome as he could, he zagged when he should have zigged, and found himself in front of St. Paul’s Basilica (also known as the Papal Basilica St. Paul Outside-the-Walls) instead of  the the more popular tourist destinations. He said it wasn’t even all that much to look at from the outside, deserted even, but once he entered the gates – wow. Sometimes that’s how it works. Sometimes it’s the errant zags that lead…

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    Istanbul (not Constantinople)

    My husband just returned from a quick trip to Istanbul, where he presented a paper at the International Society for Iranian Studies conference. If you ever wanted someone with whom to discuss the Gothic Sublime, and repetition and imagery in Sadeq Hedayat’s The Blind Owl, I’ve got your man. Also, here’s some pictures he took of Istanbul. Unfortunately, he had no time for sightseeing, but I think he got some great shots. Above photos are all by Aaron Albert Haley   Check out Walking on Travels for more adventure tales from bloggers.

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    The Big Easy

    We spent the evening walking down Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans, The Big Easy. It’s Friday night, and I’m told much tamer than the partying a few nights earlier on Fat Tuesday. My friends and I stand at the corner waiting for the light to change so we can cross the street, while revelers around us brazenly jaywalk – behavior that seems foreign to this group of girls from Seattle. We stop for drinks at Howl At the Moon, and when they are delivered in 36 ounce plastic cups, the server explains that the 3 for one special means everyone is automatically upgraded to a triple,…

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    Adventuring: Island Style

    This weekend’s adventure took us to Vashon Island, meaning, with all the emphasis my bouncing 2-year-old can provide, TWO FERRY RIDES. TWO! (That’s round trip to the island for those of you keeping score. I’ve already been questioned on the count.) Yes, that’s me. I do appear in photo’s on rare occasions (when someone grabs my camera before I can hide behind it). And look – my hair is growing back! I need a stylist, STAT! Vashon is full of art galleries, restaurants, farms, cafes, and some of the coolest little shops we’ve ever come across. How cool is that fridge? SWOON! And what’s an island without a lighthouse? And…

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    Black Diamond

    “What do you want to do?” “I don’t know. What do you want to do?” We could go back and forth for hours, but we’ve found a better solution for filling our weekends with adventure. We just hop in the car and drive. We pick a road and see where it goes, the smaller and more out-of-the-way town that we discover, the better. One of our favorite little local towns to visit is Black Diamond, Washington. We start with breakfast in the bakery, and maybe even pick up some treats to go on our way out. Then we wander down the boardwalk to the museum. I love a small town…