Here is what I’ve been reading this week.

Made Me Laugh

The World According to Americans
This map of the world is too funny (and a little too true).

Plants vs. Zombies
OK, I’ll admit I started reading Jorge Garcia’s blog because I’m a fan of LOST, and I just want to hug Hurley. But I love the blog too. It’s just a blog. No fancy layout or assistant writing his posts for him. He writes about anything and everything, from having trouble getting his tomatoes to grow, to losing a shoe on a press junket and finding it later in a bag where he had stuffed everything in a quick-someone’s-coming-over-hide-the-mess move, to destroying my brain by introducing me to zombie games.

Made Me Think

Can You Save Money Renting Text Books?
I have not tried renting text books yet, but with the amount of money we spend on textbooks every quarter, it’s definitely worth looking into other options. It’s too late for this semester, but I’ll be investigating these sites further in anticipation of next semester.

The Healthy Americans Act
If the conservatives would discuss this bipartisan proposal I found on Republican Bob Bennett’s site, rather than sticking to their current tactics of trying to distort and prevent communication, we might have a real national conversation about health care. I wonder why conservatives are keeping this proposal under wraps.

Warm Fuzzy

Ode to Shel Silversteinbird-4
Thoughts on returning to school, with one of my favorite Silverstein poems.

Badolato Hosts Tarantella Power 2009
A culture festival in a small village in Italy. An encounter with an artist.

Breaking the Seal
Sometimes you’re just that tired. This one nearly made me cry.

What were your favorite posts this week?

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