Month: November 2008

A holiday conversation

Mr. H: But I’ve always wanted a light sabre.  I was sure Santa would bring me one, but he never did. Me: Don’t worry sweety, I’m sure one of these days “Santa” will bring a light sabre for your daughter; you can play with that one. Mr. H:  Can I get away with that?  …       …

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Giving Thanks

my husband we’re finally pregnant the fact that we’ve somehow managed to keep a roof over our heads while we’re both full time students the ability and inclination to think, research and reason the fact that I finally finished my paper and got it submitted online just before the midnight deadline tonight – whew! friends …

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007 Moments before this photo was taken, the sky was black and I [read more]

What is an RSS Feed, and Why Should I Care?

A really simple breakdown: RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.  To further simplify that, RSS takes blog posts and news updates (called feeds) and broadcasts them across the internet. RSS readers (websites or programs also called feed readers or aggregators) can then collect the feeds to which the reader has subscribed and present them in …

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Why Did the Geese Cross the Road?

017I never did figure out why these silly geese so desperately wanted to [read more]

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