Month: November 2008

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Baby Update – Week 20

babyAt week 20 of 40, we’re halfway through this pregnancy adventure and halfway to holding baby in [read more]

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Suggling Snakes

020 [read more]

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A Blessing

Shortly after our engagement, Aaron¬†and I were at Bellevue Square in a stationary shop. He was at one rack and I was at another with my back to him as we quietly read through greeting cards. Out of nowhere, a Buddhist nun with shaved head and grey robe took my hand, then reached out and …

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Bird Bath: the Eagle Edition

I grew up in Alaska with lots of bald eagles around, but I always pause to appreciate them when I see them. I’ve had the pleasure of watching them in all sorts of different behaviors, but this is the first time I ever watched an eagle take a bath. Granted, this took place in a …

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What Fuels Your Vote?

My goodness the hate mail has been flying around this past week. Lies, hate and bigotry are all alive and well in America, my friends, and for some reason, they’re congregating in my email in-box. I had to read through my spam box just to take a break from the nastiness in my in-box. I …

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