Bird nest with a guardian angel

Bird nest with a guardian angel

This bird found the perfect place to build her nest – complete with guardian angel.

bird nest with a guardian angel

I took this picture a few years ago. The piece I referred to as a guardian angel is one of the terracotta figures that adorn the front of the Suzzallo Library at the University of Washington. It is a stunning work of architecture.

Suzzallo Library at the University of Washington - guardian angel

The Reading Room inside the library is also worth a look. It’s one of my favorite places to take a quiet moment and goes by the nickname, the Harry Potter Room.

Waiting for commencement

Waiting for commencement

I took this picture 4 years ago at my husband’s graduation. We were sitting there for hours waiting for the graduates to walk in and the commencement ceremony to begin.

empty chairs

While we were sun-baked in the bleachers, my husband was waiting in a holding area, before they allowed the graduates to ceremoniously walk in and take their seats.

graduates waiting to walk at commencement

Isn’t it interesting how so many of the big things often involve so much waiting? The waiting room at the ER, the doctors office, waiting to see if treatment takes hold, waiting for results.

transcript Judy Schwartz Haley

I hate wait.

And yet I waited 25 years to finally graduate myself.

I didn’t walk at graduation, and they won’t even start mailing the diplomas until July. But I checked my transcripts, and it’s there.

I did it.

For real.

And that was the easy part.

Now, I’ve got to find a job to pay off a couple decades worth of student loans.

Wish me luck.

Mr. H’s Very Big Day

Today was a big day.

A very big day.

As with most very big days, it involved a lot of waiting.


And people herded like animals into areas where they can do some more waiting.


There were some important people, like Quincy Jones and Bill Gates.


There were speeches.

And more speeches.

And more speeches.

And then there was more waiting in line (Mr. H is in the beard and sunglasses)


There were hands raised in celebration


And there was a memento/documentation.


Today Mr. H graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Persian.

I am so blessed and proud to be this man’s wife.


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This evening we attended the convocation for the Near Eastern Languages and Civilization Department at the University of Washington. My husband is one of 21 graduating with a Bachelors Degree from this department, and one of 3 with a degree in Persian Language and Literature.

Oh my goodness, my head is swimming. I’m so proud of him I’m in danger of bursting into tears at any given moment.

On a side note, why do they schedule these events prior to finals and papers being due? He’s going to end up pulling an all-nighter tonight in order to get a paper in tomorrow and he’s got finals tomorrow and Thursday. Enough already. Schedule these parties after finals. Thank you.

The actual graduation ceremony is on Saturday. And there will be several more parties after that. Then of course he has a summer long French Intensive Seminar and starts his Masters program in the fall.convocation

I’m really hoping that this weather will turn around because the ceremony is outdoors at Husky Stadium and he still isn’t 100% after that bout with pneumonia. He doesn’t need to sit in the rain and wind for hours.

Burke Museum: Mastadons and Dinosaurs and Volcanoes, Oh My…

I spent the day at the University of Washington’s Burke Museum. I had totally forgotten that around Seattle, the first Thursday of every month means free admission to museums. (Note to self, students get in free, you can go on a less crowded day.)044

My favorite part of the museum was most definitely the dinosaur and mastadon fossils. This is only the second time in my life I have seen dinosaur fossils. (The first time was a way cool experience. Pacific Science Center had a wine and cheese tasting along with a live jazz band right in the middle of the dinosaur exhibit that was on loan from the far reaches of the planet. They called it the Dino Wino Event)

Today’s exhibit would have benefited from a glass of wine. But I was also amused by watching all the mommys with their toddlers. Mommys trying to expose their little ones to history and culture, little ones much more interested in trying to pull the tile up off the floor. Too cute.

There were also some interesting collections of photography and artifacts from American Indian, Samoan, Chinese, and other cultures that are represented here in the Pacific Northwest.

No photography was allowed inside, so I went clicky-click on the totem poles outside.