Ruby Beach, Washington Coast

Last Friday we went out for a drive through the temperate rain forests on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula to celebrate Mom’s birthday. As it turns out, much of the forest along Scenic Highway 101 has been clear cut, but my oh my, how refreshing was the view of the Pacific Ocean





Falling in Love

Falling in Love

Canon Beach, Oregon 2003

Aaron and Rufus: I had forgotten to pack any toys for Rufus, so Aaron took one of his socks and filled it with sand.

It amazes me sometimes how the simplest things make the best toys. The $40 toy for your toddler is no match for the box it came in.

Canon Beach with my loves - CoffeeJitters.Net

It was on this weekend that I realized that I was in love with the man who was to become my husband (although I didn’t know about the husband part yet). I knew that this was something real, something special, and something that was going to last a very long time.