Reasons I love Seattle: #2 Floating Houses

The houseboats on Seattle’s Lake Union were the stuff of my daydreams, even as a child growing up in small town Alaska. I had never actually laid eyes on a houseboat when I was a child, that I can remember, but somewhere along the line, I must have seen pictures. My husband wants to buy …

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sailboat at sunset on Bellingham Bay

Bellingham Bay

In 2001, I drove my little dodge dakota alone off the ferry from Alaska, through the town of Bellingham without a second thought as I made my way to my new life in Seattle. In 2007, my husband and I overnighted in Bellingham before catching a 7 am cruise to Victoria, BC. ¬†This past weekend …

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Setting Sail – The Lady Washington

Crew tends the sails on a tall ship on Seattle’s Lake Union

Puget Sound

The view of Puget Sound from Edmonds, Washington.

Water Fowl in the Snow

010 … I was blown away by the number of birds in the water. I can always count on this spot for some [Read More]

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