Reasons I love Seattle: #2 Floating Houses

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The houseboats on Seattle’s Lake Union were the stuff of my daydreams, even as a child growing up in small town Alaska. I had never actually laid eyes on a houseboat when I was a child, that I can remember, but somewhere along the line, I must have seen pictures.

My husband wants to buy a boat. He wants us to live on a boat. I tease him about a boat being a hole in the water that you throw money into. But it’s ok. He can have his fantasy, his dream – and maybe some day we will make it happen.

I’d be a whole lot more on-board with the idea if he was trying to move us into a houseboat.  Mama needs her bathtub.




here’s a bit of my favorites around the interwebs this week…

Me: As seen on…

GalTime: Things To Do If You Are Diagnosed With Cancer – I am now the Seattle Ambassador for GalTime Magazine. For my first post with them, I discussed a few tips for dealing with a cancer diagnosis.  Hopefully, you will have no use for this post.

Awesome people who mentioned me (or linked to me) in their posts this week

One Working Musician: The Beauty of Collaboration – Jason Parker wrote this post about that magical night when Karen Walrond read from her new book, The Beauty of Different, while his band, the Jason Parker Quartet, backed her up.  Jason very kindly linked to my post about this event.

My favorite reads from this week

Big Girl Panties: last day of radiation… through the eyes of my children – did I mention that I just finished up my radiation treatments? Yes, I know I’m due to write a more indepth update on my cancer battle.  Anyway, Krista Colvin finished up her radiation about the same time I did. She brought her kids to film her final treatment.  Beautiful.  Also, SCCA, you really need to get a bell, or something, to mark the end of treatment.

Heather Christo: Chocolate Beet Cake, (otherwise known as “the BEST chocolate cake”) – I have NEVER liked beets. They are one of those vegetables that make my head and neck do this involuntary icky-shudder, even when I think about them. Of course, they are not one of those vegetables that you run in to every day, so they’re pretty easy to avoid.  That might be too bad, because I’ve been reading about all kinds of wonderful things that beets do for the body.  A body that’s been through what my body has been through this year could really use some beets. At first glance, the thought of this recipe, using beets to moisten up chocolate cake, sounded a little, um, iffy. But, the more I think about it, the more I think I might be willing to give it a try.  We’ll see. I’m not making any promises, but if I do make it, I’ll report back.

Miss Britt: And Then We Bought An RV – Buying an RV and taking a year to explore the United States is another one of those fantasies of mine that sit in the back of my head, but I never actually do anything about.  Miss Britt and her family are doing something about it. They are selling off their possessions and heading out across the countryside to see America.  Watching the dream play out, step by step, over the past few months has been fascinating. The more I watch other people chase their dreams, especially when they give the play-by-play along the way in their blogs, the more I think I my dreams are achievable, too.

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