Holly Yashi Jewelry {Giveaway}

Holly Yashi logoI just drool over Holly Yashi Jewelry. Their designs are quirky and out of the ordinary,  yet still delicate and elegant. I love that combination.

My husband gave me a Holly Yashi set for our very first wedding anniversary, and it’s still a wardrobe staple for me. So, when Holly Yashi’s representative contacted me about doing a giveaway on my blog, my heart skipped a beat.

Holly Hosterman, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Holly Yashi, was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago.  Her cancer presented in an unusual manner, and did not show up on the usual tests, so her story is an important reminder to question everything, and keep pushing if things just don’t seem right. Like mine, her cancer presented with pain. If someone tells you it’s probably not cancer because breast cancer isn’t painful – keep asking questions.

Since her diagnosis, Holly designed a special edition pink ribbon collection of jewelry. Holly Yashi has pledged $5 for each item purchased from this special collection to go to the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation.

Dr. Love has been doing remarkable work culling information from across broad demographics to give us data sets of useful information at a scale we’ve never seen before. Dr. Love is applying a unique approach to breast cancer, in an attempt to identify cellular changes in breast fluid at a stage that is sufficiently early to thwart the development of breast cancer, much as the pap smear has been effective in identifying cells at risk, allowing medical practitioners to address and impede the development of cervical cancer.

This is important work. It may not be all that useful to the person who is already living with breast cancer, but as the mother of a little girl who is at increased risk for developing breast cancer – this research is exciting to me. If we can get ahead of the cancer, and stop it before it really get’s started, then our children can avoid  not just the cancer, but the increased risks of heart disease, secondary cancers, and too many other secondary health conditions that are caused by cancer treatment.

I think we need to tackle breast cancer from multiple fronts – we need more attention on metastatic cancer, for sure. We need that for today. But we also need this forward thinking approach for our children.

About the pink  – yes, I resist having everything painted pink. I don’t see a need for pink batteries, or a pink rake, or even a pink caulk gun. But a piece of pink bling I can wear to the many breast cancer charity functions I attend year after year? You bet! From a designer I adore? Sign me up!  Holly Yashi sent me the earrings from this set, and I love them. And I’ll be wearing them out to several events this month.

And now, one of my lucky readers will get to choose one item from this collection: earrings, necklace, or pin.

I’ve got this swanky new RaffleCopter giveaway management widget set up below. Use it to enter for the giveaway; it even offers a couple options for bonus entries. You will need to log in with FaceBook or your email in order to enter this contest, but I need a way to contact the winner. Your contact info won’t be used for anything else.

I’ll draw the winner on 10/31/12 – Halloween.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fine Print: I received a pair of earrings, and a piece of jewelry was offered to my readers, but all opinions offered in this post are 100% my own.
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  2. Ally
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  5. hana clay
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  8. Iliana R
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  14. Monica R.
  15. Ashley Morrissey
  16. Cheryl Abdelnour
  17. Mercedes
  18. Jermaine Mintuck
  19. Wendy
  20. Jennifer
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  22. Brandy Batson
  23. Chelsea
  24. Gina Brickell
  25. Nicole
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