Eight years

Dear Universe:

The sickness and poorer part of our vows were not an invitation. I’ll have you know that despite pneumonia, cancer, mysethenia gravis, a combined 18 nights in the hospital, more than 10 dashes to the ER, 8 years of at least one and usually both of us as full-time college students, layoffs, hours cut, car trouble, eviction notices, healthy diets, exercise, a sweet and miraculously healthy baby girl, daily “adventures”, good friends, a lot of wine, belly laughs, a home full of books, homemade dinners, long conversations late into the night, snuggling, holding hands, and occasional long walks on the beach, we’re happier and more in love than ever. You should also be aware that we have not given up hope on the richer and health part of those vows. You know where to find us.


judy schwartz haley

judy schwartz haley and aaron albert haley

Also, Happy Anniversary to my amazing husband. I love you more.


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