Courage Night

I have been invited to participate in Courage Night, an author event sponsored by the Young Survival Coalition where 5 young survivors of breast cancer will read from their books, followed by a book signing. Well, in my case, I will read from my blog. I’m beside myself with excitement about this event, and a little nervous. I hope all my friends in the Seattle area will come to support me.

I’m so honored to be included in this group of amazing writers.

I was also a little perplexed about how to gracefully manage the whole signing of books part at the end. It’s not like you can sign a blog. And the other authors are donating their proceeds to YSC…   Finally, last night I got that little light bulb over my head. Why don’t I have some of my photos printed, and sell those? Then I’ll have proceeds to donate, and something to sign.

So which photos?

I picked a few, and I’m going to narrow it down again to a selection of four. Which ones do you like?

Poppy bud - courage night

blooming poppy - courage night

reflection lake - courage night

market - courage night

turnagain pass - courage night

dandelion - courage night

Courage Night

And here’s the flyer for Courage Night. If you’re in the Seattle area, stop by and say hi. I’d love to see you!

courage night



Update: Check out my post on my Courage Night experience on the Get Hitched Give Hope website.


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