My goodness, you are such an adaptable little girl.

This month has been crazy with Mommy pulling all-nighters finishing up her semester at school, then every day spent at Grandma’s packing her home up for the move to Alaska (finally done with those two items. yay!). And now Daddy is pulling all-nighters to finish the requirements for his degree and grade his students’ papers, not to mention all the work he put into organizing the Conference on Near and Middle East Studies.  Then once we got Grandma moved out of her home, she’s been staying with us and sharing a bedroom with you.

That’s a lot of change, and a lot of chaos for a little girl to deal with,  and you have handled it beautifully.  You just keep finding ways to explore and have fun in whatever new environment or situation you find yourself in.

Hold on to that adaptability. Embrace it. That sense of adventure, that ability to find joy in any situation, the ability to adapt and continue to thrive in new situations, even if they are less than ideal, is the key to happiness.

It is so easy for us to fixate on things we can’t control. But that won’t fix anything, and it just makes you miserable. Focus on the things you can control, and keep up this practice of looking for joy wherever you are. You will find it.

The next few weeks will provide you with many more opportunities to practice adaptability. We’re getting ready to hit the road in a few hours for a very long trip. We’re going to drive through Canada up to Alaska to take Grandma to go live up there.  This will be your first trip to Alaska, and the return will be your first flight.

And if that were not enough, as soon as we get back to Seattle, we are moving to a new home, too.

I can’t wait to share this great adventure with you!

I love you so much


Judy Schwartz Haley


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