A Year Ago

by | Cancer

A year ago I was blissfully ignorant
A year ago my baby was still a baby, and I was just a new mom trying to do it all
A year ago I was clueless that something was trying to kill me
A year ago I was a little frustrated with the pain of breast feeding
A year ago I figured it was just mastitis – again
A year ago I made an appointment to see my doctor
The next day I went in
“I’m not sure that’s mastitis – I’m ordering a mammogram”

. till that mammogram

“Hmmmm… dense tissue, lets try an ultrasound”
“Is it cancer?”
“I can’t make a diagnosis”
“What else could it be?”
“Well, that’s just it…
. let’s do a biopsy”

A year ago I was a different person

The phone rings
“I’m sorry, it’s cancer”


Judy Schwartz Haley


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