a journey started in a moment of heat
making love, making a child
at the same time making myself
something more than myself
changing from woman
to mother

I am not the same person

my body is not my own
my belly rolls and kicks
with a power I don’t possess
I am possessed
the new life within my body
changes my body:
juicy curves
rosy cheeks
thick hair
long nails
glowing skin –
I feel the weight
of my husband’s eyes

there is more to me now
I feel the connection
I am the connection
between past and future
I am full of hope
full of life
I see the smile in your eyes
when you see my belly
strangers fall over themselves to get the door
my husband holds my hand as we cross the street
then doesn’t let go

at home I rest
my husband wraps himself around mebird-2
palming my belly, whispering
“my two greatest loves
right here in my hand”

lady in waiting
simultaneously wishing
to speed up time
and hold this moment forever


Judy Schwartz Haley


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