And you thought haggis was strange

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People show up at the little grocery tents to pick up the Scottish delights that are so difficult to find around here throughout the rest of the year.

Some of the foods don’t surprise me in the least, such as the canned haggis (and vegetarian haggis), shortbread cookies, marmite, and Irn-Bru (like orange soda but a little less sweet).

Some things just leave me shaking my head.

I don’t do canned peas to start with, “mushy” canned peas is just a little too much.

PNW Highland Games 2008 019

Salad cream – looks like straight miracle whip.

PNW Highland Games 2008 016

and of course, no meal is complete without eating spotted dick (surely there’s a pill for that).

PNW Highland Games 2008 015

UPDATE: We went grocery shopping today and found the salad cream (which still sounds to me like something you would put in your hair) and the spotted dick at our store. Who knew? At least we’ve been spared the mushy peas. I’m sure you’re all relieved to know you can get spotted dick in Seattle.


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