A Family Outing

Canadian geese can be pests (and create a mess), but when they take their little family out for a walk in the park, it can be quite fun to watch.


These geese used a lot of teamwork in watching the babies. There were a total of 6 adults, 4 were watching the babies. The other two acted like teenagers, making noise, running around, and hitting up the humans for bits of their dinner.


It reminded me of watching a kindergarten class on an outing to the park.


I takes a lot of attention to keep track of this many little ones.


This one looks to me like she is sending her little ones out into the world, and a little nervous about it.


This mallard got mad when the geese invaded his territory.


Seattle writer, Judy Schwartz Haley, blogs about raising a toddler while battling cancer, finishing a degree, and fending off ninjas. Also, she needs more coffee.
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