For the past couple of months the Husband has been encouraging me to pack up my goodies and go spend a day studying in the reading room in the Suzzillo Library at the University of Washington. It’s just a couple blocks away, but I’ve been resisting.

For some reason I felt intimidated.

suzzallo reading room

I’m not sure why, in fact I think my IQ went up a few points just by my walking into the room.

This is such a beautiful room, and the people studying in the room treat it with respect. I love how there is a quiet in here that does not exist in other parts of the library. No jabbering on cell phones, no printers, no copiers, no high heels clacking.

harry potter room

Once I got over the gawkfest and took a few pictures, I was able to settle down and get some work done.


It was so nice to have a quiet place to work with no interruptions. Every once in a while the Husband is right.

Where do you do your writing?

MORE: check out the bird nest with a guardian angel right out the library’s front door.

Judy Schwartz Haley


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