Month: October 2005

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We just got home this morning from our trip to Alaska. Neither one of us really wanted to come back. Before we left, Mr. H was a little nervous about spending a week with the in-laws, but he really had a great time. It’s so nice to spend time around people that really like you. …

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Wild Wheat Bakery and Cafe, Downtown Kent

It’s payday weekend so we splurged on breakfast this morning. We went to Wild Wheat Bakery and Cafe in downtown Kent. I love the downtown part of Kent, it’s so old school. The shops are all independently owned and it’s a great pedestrian area where you can walk from the library to a wide selection …

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We just recently went through a re-org at work and I’ve been moved from a team I’ve been with since I started here to singularly supporting the the dept director. My old team did something to make me feel better though. They went out and got me a gift certificate for Ummelina¬†– the best day …

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The old grainery and Del’s Farm Supply (railroad tracks once ran between the two buildings) The local dairy – Smith Brothers Farms Abandoned church and parsonage ¬© Copyright Judy Haley 2008. All rights reserved.

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