Every once in a while, I come across a product, tool, or service where it’s best use might not be that for which it was intended. At the moment, LiveOn might be one of those tools. LiveOn is a great idea, a means of cataloging and preserving your life stories

Time to Clean out the Flickr Pool

Ok, well this is just a little bit ridiculous. I’ve really got to clean up my flickr pool. I moved to this site because of the tags and sets and categories and now that I’ve got 1944 images uploaded, the vast majority are untagged, unsetted (I just made that word up) and uncategorized. I’m a …

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I’m not Blogger’s biggest fan right now

I’ve reverted back to my old format. I changed to the new format on Saturday night/Sunday morning and for some reason, suddenly today, blogger decided to freak out and it could no longer read my code. My blog has been down for most of the day. Oh yes I know there are bigger, faster, sexier …

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Updating Blog Template

You may have noticed that I went through about 30 variations on blogger templates today. I’m still not satisfied with the results, but then I’m still learning, too. I suppose I would be a little more adept at this if I’d just break down and take a class or two on web design, but I …

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