Ruby Beach, Washington Coast

Last Friday we went out for a drive through the temperate rain forests on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula to celebrate Mom’s birthday. As it turns out, much of the forest along Scenic Highway 101 has been clear cut, but my oh my, how refreshing was the view of the Pacific Ocean

Gas Works Park

Jutting 400 feet into Lake Union and offering a spectacular view of Downtown as well as the Queen Anne and Eastlake neighborhoods, Seattle’s Gas Works Park is one of the city’s most unique landmarks. The Seattle Gas Light Company converted coal to gas from 1906 to 1937 and oil to gas from 1937 to 1956. …

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Cabin Fever Reliever

We had a bad case of cabin fever and just had to get out of the house so we hopped in the truck and drove around till we came across highway 20 – we got on highway 20 and kept going till we got to I-90 and then decided to go to North Bend. North …

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NorthWest Trek

On a lark yesterday, Mr. H and I decided to hit the road and check out Northwest Trek. It was kind of a long trip for a lark, because it’s a wildlife park near the foot of Mt. Rainier, but then we’ve missed the house on our way home and ended up going to dinner …

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A Three Hour Tour

For Mr. H’s 30th Birthday, I took him out whale watching… well that was the idea anyways, but apparently the whales didn’t get that memo. The tour went out of Friday Harbor, so we had an adventure just getting there. We drove to Anacortes, two hours north of home, and then took a ferry across …

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