As it turns out, our newly-minted four-year-old loves going antiquing, especially when we find old-school toys like this Viewmaster. WW linkup is on page 2


Imagine a dating site for your stuff: Joe needs a replacement water reservoir for his coffee maker; Jenny just broke her coffee maker (identical to Joe’s), but the water reservoir is just fine. But how would she know that anyone needs her reservoir? She might just throw it away.  Joe might toss the old, and buy a new coffee maker. …

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I love shopping at Anthropologie. Not because I actually buy anything; I make way too little money. Not to mention the fact that their fairy tale clothes fit a version of me from a long, long time ago, and a land far away. I love Anthropologie for the window shopping. The mix of feminine with …

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Goodies: Bird Stack

I could fill my home with this look. I love the clean lines and neutral tone combined with a touch of whimsy. I found this giclee print while browsing though Etsy. _________________________________________ Subscribe to CoffeeJitters © Copyright Judy Haley 2008. All rights reserved.

Wish List: Hummingbird Pillow

In case you’re overwhelmed with the urge to buy me a gift, this beauty is currently available on etsy. © Copyright Judy Haley 2008. All rights reserved.

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