NorthWest Trek

On a lark yesterday, Mr. H and I decided to hit the road and check out Northwest Trek. It was kind of a long trip for a lark, because it’s a wildlife park near the foot of Mt. Rainier, but then we’ve missed the house on our way home and ended up going to dinner in Port Townsend before too. We do odd things when we’re feeling spontaneous.

NW Trek is kind of a cool concept in wildlife parks/zoos, the prey animals live in a 500 acre area that ranges from steep hills, forests, pastures and wetlands. The animals roam freely, the people are caged in trams that are driven about the park by naturalists.

We got some great viewing opportunities, and up quite close to everything from bison, to moose to black tail deer, elk and caribou.

The predators are kept in a much more zoo-like setting – smaller habitats surrounded by fencing and moats. We enjoyed the black bear bathing himself and rolling around in the water, the cats, however seemed to think it was much too hot to come out of their little dens.

We missed the snakes and bugs this time. I think I’ll get over it.

We’ll definitely be back soon.