Month: May 2014

blog and writing prompts

My favorite sources for more than 1048 Blog Prompts

a round up of some of my favorite sources for blogging and writing prompts.

gem with a rose

My flower child

My flower child: even in the rain, she stops to smell the roses WW Linky is on page 2

kids in laundry baskets

Kids in laundry baskets

Five years ago, we brought home a newborn who arrived before we bought her a crib. Her first bed was a laundry basket. She still loves to play in the laundry basket. And here’s a bonus picture of me in a laundry basket back in 1971.

gem in sunglasses

Sometimes I look at her and my heart explodes

I’m 1877 days into this parenting gig, and I still don’t know what I’m doing. I suspect that is probably a good sign. I hope it is, anyway. I’m so blessed that I get to spend my days with this little ray of light, and guide her as she grows. Happy Mother’s Day. Here’s to …

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