Istanbul (not Constantinople)

My husband just returned from a quick trip to Istanbul, where he presented a paper at the International Society for Iranian Studies conference. If you ever wanted someone with whom to discuss the Gothic Sublime, and repetition and imagery in Sadeq Hedayat’s The Blind Owl, I’ve got your man. Also, here’s some pictures he took of Istanbul.

Unfortunately, he had no time for sightseeing, but I think he got some great shots.

istanbul - Aaron Albert Haley

screen - Aaron Albert Haley

alley - Aaron Albert Haley

mosque - Aaron Albert Haley

cityscape - Aaron Albert Haley

inscription - Aaron Albert Haley

gate - Aaron Albert Haleymosque - Aaron Albert Haleydowntown istanbul - CoffeeJitters.Net

window - Aaron Albert Haley

cat - Aaron Albert Haley

Above photos are all by Aaron Albert Haley


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